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Are you optimising your tax assessment and taking advantage of all the allowances that you are entitled to?

If not, you could be paying more tax than you need. The best way to rectify your situation is engage the services of a qualified tax accountants. Bankstown is handled by chartered accountants Silver & Young who can offer you a full range of services that can help you remain totally compliant while minimising your tax bill.

Dealing with the taxation authorities is a complex and stressful process. Silver & Young offers personable and practical support to guide you through the procedure every step of the way. Our in-depth understanding of your financial position allows us to deal appropriately with all of your tax matters.

Here are some of the tax services Silver & Young offers to individuals and firms in the Bankstown area.

Strategic Tax Planning

Your annual tax obligations can represent a significant portion of your resources. Therefore, it is wise to plan your tax affairs in advance through strategic tax planning. This ensure that you are always prepared for your tax obligations and eliminates any unforeseen surpises.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is the time when you cast off the cares of working life and start to enjoy yourself. This is difficult to achieve if the taxation authorities is demanding a slice of your retirement income. Having a savvy tax accountant you can rely on will help you avoid the stress and ensure you retain as much of your hard earned assets.

Tax Effective Investment Reviews

Investing your money is a complex affair that should be approached delicately. There are many recognised choices when it comes to investing your money to access solid returns. Stocks, bonds, precious metals, ETFs and other financial instruments all have their pros, cons and tax implications that need to be accounted for. A qualified tax accountant can help you create the ideal portfolio that takes into account your risk profile.

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