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Dealing with taxes is a very complex and serious matter. In Australia, the penalties for non compliance are severe and should not be taken lightly. At Silver & Young, we understand that business is about maximising value and returns whilst having particular regard to minimising tax obligations. Given the complexity of tax laws, engaging the services of a professional account can make all the difference to your business success.

To ensure you are not paying too much in tax, you need to engage the services of a tax advisor. Moorebank is home to Silver & Young, a firm of chartered accountants who can help you with any financial issue including taxation.

If you think your staff accountant can handle all your tax obligations, consider the following.

Keeping accurate records, filing tax forms and paying taxes are all responsibilities that can be handled by your in-house team. But an external tax advisor can shift the way you approach these taxes by ensuring you are taking advantage of all your entitlements under the law.

In addition, tax requirements vary considerably between different entities. Real estate investors, share traders, limited partnerships, medical practitoiners, family trusts, self funded retirees, and non residents, each have their own special needs which only a qualifed tax advisor can deal with.

For some businesses, the expertise of specialised tax expert is absolutely necessary. For example, capital gains tax is a complex issue which has a profound impact on both profitability and strategic planning. Also, property related businesses face meeting specalised considerations all on their own.

Tax advisors are not just for large companies. You can also benefit if you are self-employed. Most of your daily expenses can qualify as deductions especially if you work from home. Your tax expert can help keep you abreast of the latest regulations and advise you of its impacts.

Here at Silver & Young, we have extensive knowledge of tax laws and legislations. Moreover, we are committed to keeping current with the frequent changes and revisions to the tax code, making us the ideal tax advisors for many. Moorebank companies seeking to improve their tax position can contact us for a consultation.

If you need a tax advisor, Moorebank is covered by Silver & Young, chartered accountants. Call us now on 1300 621 884.

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