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Suite 501, Level 5,
7 Secant Street,
Liverpool NSW 2170

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Accounting services
second to none

Silver & Young is a professional accounting firm, offering a complete accounting solution for individuals, businesses and other professional firms. We believe that each and every one of our clients deserves the best quality of service and are committed to providing our services with pride and enthusiasm.

Silver & Young sets a high standard of service for all of our clients, we are a member of :

At Silver & Young, we are hands on and get involved with you in your business. Our main focus is helping you to achieve your goals and easing the burden of compliance so that you may invest precious time back into growing your business.

Our years of experience combined with our exposure to a variety of industries gives us an edge in the quality and array of accounting services that we can offer. In our view, we consider ourselves as your partner in business, not just your accountant. This is because we genuinely work in the best interest of your business to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. We offer you the support you require to reach your potential.

We look forward to working with you! If you would like to enquire about our accounting services today, simply contact our office by phone on (02) 9600 7760 or by emailing


Silver & Young, your partner to Financial Freedom.

Through a wholistic approach to Profit Generation, Tax Minimisation, Wealth Creation and Asset Protection.

We help you to create, keep, and protect your profits towards financial independence.




Our clients’ benefit is our focus.

We always do what’s right

Integrity is the core of our business, and our actions are in the best interest of our clients, team, and community



Investing in relationships is the key to lasting results

We focus on lasting results by ensuring we have strong relationships

With time and investment, relationships strengthen and produce greater results



We can only grow if we ensure the growth of our clients and team

We consistently challenge ourselves and our clients to grow, financially and personally

Only through their growth can we grow



We believe in what we do and who we are

Aligned to our purpose, we are energised by the results we achieve



Willing to challenge ourselves and others

We challenge industry standards

We innovate and deliver better results

We re confident enough to try a different approach, even if the odds are against us

A structured process to ensure your path to financial freedom.

At Silver & Young, we know that communication is key, and great communication comes from a solid process.

Chartered Accountant


Like all things, it starts with an enquiry. Our practice manager will ask you some questions to gain an understanding of what you do, what are your goals and what challenges you may have been facing.


Next up we want to get to know you face to face. Our team will set up a meeting at a time convenient for you where you can meet our practice manager and one of our trusted accountants.


Before the meeting our accountant will give you a call to introduce themselves, address the disappointments you may have had with your previous firm and set a plan for the meeting to make sure we get the most out of our time together.


In our meeting, we will go through the goals and expectations that you have, how we can find a process to move you towards your goals and outline how we can work together on your path to financial freedom.

Enquire about our business services today on 02 9600 7760 or