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Financial security is the bedrock of post retirement life. It has inbuilt advantages like no dependency on others, control of your life & the freedom to enjoy life as you desire. During your working life period, you spend most of your income on your family and home. You forget that there is a longer period when your financial needs will keep increasing with every passing year but there may not be enough income to meet them.

However, this isn’t how it needs to be. You just need to start saving to build a sizeable financial kitty to give you regular cash flow when you retire. Our professionals at Silver & Young Chartered Accountants can help you realise your dream. The solution is self-managed superannuation funds in Wetherill Park that can help plan for your financial security for the retirement period.

Opt for self-managed superannuation funds in Wetherill

As a financial instrument, SMFS is favoured because it is a secure fund. In addition, it allows investors to gain a better control over the investments. There are other positive aspects to consider. Investors want to track the performance of their investments. This fund empowers them to track the investments and has the flexibility to restructure them if desired. If the family members want to pool their money into the fund, the investor can add them as trustees of the fund thereby enlarging the fund’s resources.

The basic requirements

Once the investors decide to set up a self-managed superannuation funds in Wetherill Park, they realize that they need to cope with beginner’s hurdles. The procedural aspects for establishing and maintaining SMFS could be fairly complicated as to require an expert’s help. Australian Taxation Office rules that an investor goes through the following drill:

  • Decide the trustee fund members in the self-managed superannuation funds in Wetherill Park being set up.
  • Establish the trust as also trust deed and register it in due course.
  • Open a bank account and connect it to the fund.
  • Take an investment decision about allocation of the funds and their management.
  • Decide also how to close the fund and utilization of the money post- closure.

Call a SMSF expert

The professional experts at Silver & Young, have accumulated experience of handling SMSFs for a large customer base. Our main job is to help you navigate through the complicated phase of setting up the fund and provide you the follow up financial advice. Our experts will take over the responsibility to attend to:

  • Setting up and establishing the self-managed superannuation funds in Wetherill Park
  • Maintenance of the fund on an annual basis which means:
  • Preparation and lodgement of the income tax returns
  • Compilation of the statements, financial reports, and related documents.
  • Preparation of annual reports as per compliance requirements.
  • Annual audit of the fund in accordance with ATO rules and regulations.

Get in touch with us at Silver & Young Chartered Accountants with your queries. You can call us on 1300 621 884 or contact us via this email Use our online enquiry form to send us any tax related and self-managed superannuation funds in Wetherill Park service queries and one of our experts will get back to you without delay.

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