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Land Tax – Check Your Assessments

The State Revenue Office is currently issuing Land Tax assessments. Owners of land should ensure these assessments are correct as experience has shown the assessments regularly contain errors and excessive land tax may be levied.

Land owners are encouraged to:

  • Carefully check the land tax assessment.
  • Ensure the correct names are listed as land owners.
  • Ensure the principal place of residence is not included in the assessment.
  • Ensure land used for primary production is not included; note that the activity of agistment, on its own, does not qualify as primary production.
  • Ensure that land acquired has been properly notified to the State Revenue Office by your legal adviser.
  • Ensure that land owned is not assessed separately or the allowable threshold is claimed more than once, reducing the liability incorrectly.

Your Chartered Accountant will be able to assist in this review process.

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